Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Braids and such...

The girls got to come spend the night on Saturday, with the proviso that I have them ready for church early Sunday morning as their mother had to teach Sunday School.  

They were complimentary of my cooking at dinner and were rewarded with ice cream.  They had their usual bubble bath and manicures.  We read only a few pages of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle before they fell fast asleep.

As usual, sometime in the wee hours, Caitlyn came and crawled into bed beside me, and we whispered and giggled until she fell back to sleep...or until I did...I'm not sure.  Chloe woke us up about 7:30, and we had cinammon toast and hot chocolate.

Then I asked them if I could braid their hair.  They were willing, even though their mother has told them nasty stories of her hair being yanked out (!) when she was a child and I was braiding it.  (She never came out.) 

Once they were ready, and standing by the door watching for their mother, I grabbed the camera to take a photo of their hair.  Since I was focused pretty much on the top of their heads, it was a few moments before I noticed that their arms had gone around each other in a natural embrace as they waited.  I was so happy that I had the camera at the ready to catch the sweetness of the moment.


  1. Adorable picture - and am very impressed by your braiding skills!


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