Sunday, September 12, 2010


...pennies for my thoughts :)

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that I absolutely forgot to write seven thoughts on the seventh this month. I probably didn't have seven separate thoughts on the seventh, focused as I have been on just one thing. But I can't let this month go by undocumented, so here are seven not so random thoughts on the twelfth.

1. If you want to get some work done of a day, do NOT turn on the television! It matters not at all that you have never read Tolkien...or that you don't know what a hobbit is...or that you have the rare distinction of never having watched any sequel movies...if you are a TRUE procrastinator, the majority of your day will be lost following the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tomorrow? Star Wars, The Godfather, Star Trek, Rocky, Rambo, Benji...?

2. If you eat your way through the pantry, you won't have to pack it.

3. If cleaning out the office/craft room was too overwhelming to tackle organizing it in the past couple of years, the thought of packing it all within the next couple of weeks is downright panic attack inducing!

4. Do I REALLY believe that I will use all of these craft supplies if I live to be 100?

5. Boxes, boxes; I need boxes!

6. I keep reminding myself that if you can't let go of something, you no longer own owns you.

7. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed...pleeeease let the closing on the sale of land be tomorrow!

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