Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's up?...

What a slacker I have been lately...well, as far as blog posting goes.

My back is 'back' to normal. Thanks for the well wishes.

We've had so much rain this week. Soggy, messy, and muddy, but oh so welcome! Our tank is almost full again.

Caitlyn came to stay with me yesterday, and we had so much fun. She helped me put away Christmas decorations, and kept me moving, so I got lots of little chores done around the house. My mother often quoted her grandmother who said, 'Kids are more help at six than sixteen.' Though Caitlyn's only four, she really was helpful.

Later, while she worked on a couple of 'projects' (coloring and stringing beads), I went through magazines to recycle. She kept looking over and when I came to a page with a hair care ad, she would take the opportunity to tell me, 'See, I think you should let your hair grow long, like that.' She must have pointed out about six ads. She won't say she doesn't like my new haircut, but it's pretty obvious. :) I never liked short hair at her age either. Though I still prefer it a little longer actually, I'm on a quest to get back to my natural color, so it is pretty short (think Jamie Lee Curtis), and I'm really liking it.

Now I'm putting my feet up and doing a little knitting (see above). I love this basketweave pattern!


  1. It is a lovely weave!
    Er.. knit. :)

  2. hey! we neeed to see your new hair cut!
    glad you're back off of your back...

  3. I think I own that dish cloth! It really is a nice pattern and I love the colour!


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