Monday, January 11, 2010

Mrs. Tin Man, if you please...

I started out this morning feeling great. I was up and ready ahead of schedule. I decided to leave early and grab some caffeine on the way to work. I went out to feed the dogs...Aaaaack!

Muscle spasm in my back--instanly seized with pain. I think I would have screamed, but all the air was completely squeezed out of my lungs by the muscle a charlie-horse in my back.

The photo above was taken awhile back. On the one hand I find it very quirky, and I like quirky. On the other hand it gives me a feeling of discomfort. When I came across it today, it hit me that it looks like a donation station for the Tin Man's spare body parts. Rusty, squeaky, creaky, clanky...that's me today. And see that cylindrical apparatus on the right edge of the photo? Does that not look like a Tin Man hypodermic? :) Luckily, even though I couldn't get an appointment, I finally convinced my doctor's office to phone in a muscle relaxer for me...a nice little tablet, no hypodermic. In a few minutes I'm going to down one and hit the hay.

Hope to wake up tomorrow morning loose as a goose...but I'll settle for anything better than today.


  1. Oh dear! I hope you're back to better soon. Back pain is a pain in the ... @rse! Take it easy,


  2. Ooooh, I'm wincing in sympathy. Hope you feel better soon, Kath x

  3. I can just hear you sqeaking, "Oil can..."

    I am so sorry for your pain. I have had similar and they passed pretty quickly for me--in retrospect. While you're going through it, it does not feel like quick at all! C

  4. Hope you're feeling better! Muscle spasms are the worst! Wish I had one of those little pills right now! V.

  5. Hope you're feelin mucho better!
    and those tin cans?
    Email a photo to t!m holtz...he could find something awesome to do with them!


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