Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday in my camera...

Up bright and early, camera in hand. Uh-oh. What's that in my rear view mirror? Did he just turn on his lights?

But officer, I have a dance recital to get to. A warning instead of a ticket? Really? Thanks, Officer Ramos! (Oh, and I took the photo while we were stopped and he was running my license, not while driving down the road.) :)

And this is what was waiting for me.

Sorry for the grainy photo, but I loved Caitlyn's expression in this one.

And making her dance debut...

And her daddy thought she would freeze on stage...HA! Chloe owned the stage!

And they came home with me. We had a rolicking afternoon and evening, and now they are snuggled up in bed asleep. I think I'd better go join them, so I'll have energy to keep up with them tomorrow.


  1. The energy to keep up? Ha! They are wonderful! C

  2. only a blogger/scrapbooker would take the shot of the rear view mirror!
    The little miss is just darling, too!


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