Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are in Kentucky. OH! It's a beautiful autumn! Many fun and exciting things. Today we are on our way to meet a beautiful new baby. More later.


  1. ack!
    I meant to hop on when I got back last night and wish you a Happy Birthday, and I forgot!

    Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely time!!

  2. Congrats! We have a new baby in our family too! V.

  3. Steph, thanks for the birthday wishes. And right back atcha! I thought I would be able to post more while we were gone, so was going to send my wishes that way, but you know how it is, when you're off your regular schedule. Anyway, I hope your day was happy, and the start of a really wonderful year!

    Hi, V. I'm so happy to hear about your new grandbaby! His picture on your blog is just SO beautiful! The baby referenced in my post doesn't belong to us, but close enough to know I'll have future visits and photos and his grandma's stories to look forward to. Best to you and yours.


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