Wednesday, August 5, 2009


...I wish I had some more cantaloupe and blackberries.

...I am looking forward to the little girls' birthday party on Saturday. (And I got everything needed at the store to make these for it...SWEET!)

...I am SO excited to have our old friends coming to visit on Sunday!

...I am thankful I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (oh, the pain! oh, the agony! oh, the big, angry, painful zit! [really it's a cyst, and it really DOES hurt!--is that too much information?])

...I enjoyed lunch out with my sweet husband.

...I am happy to have found an easy and tasty recipe to make my own iced coffee in the mornings.

...I cleaned the bathrooms.

...I am wondering how I'm going to get the rest of the house picked up by Sunday.

...I wish I could make like Samantha Stevens.

...I'm going to bed early (for me). G'night!


  1. Hi Kathy

    Just a word of caution - watch little kids with the 'lifesaver lolly handles' - I'd hate for anyone to choke. Maybe you could substitute with jubes instead?

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. So I'm hoping you are going to share that recipe for iced coffee! Yum! V.

  3. Well, good morning to you! About that getting-the-house-picked up thing...I got up early, early to do just that because I am so danged tired in the evenings. But, instead, here I am on the computer! C

  4. Oooh this post made me miss Triscuits!!!!!

    You sure had a lot to do!

  5. Joolz: Thanks for the warning! I wouldn't have thought of that. Though the birthday girls are 3 and 4, I think most of the guests will be older. Maybe I'll station myself near the plate of 'teacups' and grab the 'handle' off when a little one reaches for one. :)
    'Jubes' needs translating for me...I'm assuming another candy...which by the way, we don't have musk Lifesavers here either and I had to really search like mad to find any pink ones...finally found a treasure trove sunk to the bottom of our office candy jar left over from Easter. LOL Couldn't find any pink-iced biscuits/cookies either...I'm going to have to ice plain round ones myself.

    C: I'll share the iced coffee recipe when the rush of this weekend is over.

    K: I LOVE triscuits with anything!



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