Friday, January 2, 2009

Just grousing...

I hate reconciling the check book/bank statement and paying bills. I put it off as long as possible. Like till eleven pm on the last possible day, when I'm supposed to be up early the next morning. Then I decided I really needed my sleep, so I put it off again, and went to bed. After sleeping for a couple of hours, I woke up and decided I'd get it over with...surely it wouldn't take too long, and I could go back to bed for a little while.

Well, every once in awhile, there is a bill month from hell, and this was one of mine. We have two electric meters, which means we get two bills. In the past they've seemed to want me to pay both bills with only one check. But last month they applied all of the check to one bill, overpaying and leaving a credit...and nothing to the other bill, which gave me a late fee and unpaid balance. grrrr

Lest you say that if I paid online, it would solve my problems...I did that with the phone company last month, and they debited my bank account twice, which I didn't find till I reconciled the bank statement just now.

There were several more irritations, and a couple moments of panic, but they're behind me now.

I'm done! But no more sleep for me. I'm just waiting for business hours so I can start making calls to straighten things out.

Oh, and don't suggest I let the mister do it. Tried that once. Had to fire him.

I have a fun outing planned for today, which I refuse to skip even if I'm sleepy. I may have to let the crazy cat lady drive, though.


  1. While I've been waking up unbelievably early for several weeks - like at 4:30-5am - today was a bit before 4.
    Maddie had wet our bed,and soon enough we were all crying. :)
    (Not really. Just her. Eric, amazingly, kept himself pretty much out of the picture. Not sure how he did that.)
    So here I am. On the couch.
    It's now 7:14, and I'm still awake.

    So - good morning! :)

  2. Well, all I can say is, if someone had to wet the bed, thank goodness it was Maddie. :)

    On another note...I haven't heard anything about Kim. How are she and the baby?

  3. And now I have figured out how to respond to blogs. Let the fun begin! Mwa-ha-ha-ha. I see you've stated you've already had it mentioned you should pay bills on line. I too was burned once by Time Warner. However, that was once because they posted my last bill the day before the due date and the bank automatically paid on something I didn't actually owe(which I pulled the 'I build customer support software for retailers for a living card and this sucks!" and they didn't sound very impressed at all but rectified the situation none the less) other than that no problems, ever. It should no longer be stressful for you. Love, your daughter who thinks you should embrace the plethora of technoligical banking conveniences available . Kasey

  4. Yes, I've already had the joys of internet banking extolled to YOU. :) At least you do it very sweetly.

    On uncle k's recent visit, we were discussing an e-mail he had sent me that I hadn't received and the possible whys. Your brother sat in silence for awhile, then sighed an amused sigh, saying, "Aah, I love it when old people talk about computers." If he didn't have great charm and comic timing, I would have been offended.

    I do take quite a bit of consolation and satisfaction from the fact that I've known how to initiate and maintain a blog for a long time now, and you're just learning how to leave a comment. :)


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