Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing with light...

~~~Before leaving work this afternoon, I was ordered to blog this evening. So, Boss, here ya go. ~~~

Monday's lessons...Drew called and said she was on her way over, and we were going to play with the light. I learned a lot!

Standing under the wild mistletoe...alas, my sweetie was nowhere to be found.

Barn and tractor.

The winter days are short...the shadows long.

A bug's-eye view of lichen.

A cluster of moss. Amazing what the super macro will do for 'bare' winter trees.

(Left click on the last two to see full screen. The detail is too cool.)


  1. Very, very cool!
    I especiall love the last black and white, the shadow of you, and the barn!
    The spores on the moss are incredible!

  2. Thanks, Steph! Amazingly, that last one isn't in black and white. The moss is this incredible pale gray/green, and the camera setting (which I'm not sure I can duplicate) gave that great black background. If you look at it full screen, you can see little flecks of bright yellow here and there. I think I'll have this one enlarged and framed. It has a kind of enchanted feel for me...something out of Lord of the Rings or The Princess Bride.

  3. When I came back just now I could see that it was color.
    And before I read your post, I thought "That one I loved isn't black and white!" :)
    So beautiful.
    I did wonder about the black background.
    I should really learn to use my camera! :)


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