Thursday, January 15, 2009

Away for a few days...

In a few hours, we will be heading to the hospital where I will have a hysterectomy Friday morning. For the past week or so I've been cooking and freezing meals to make recuperation time a bit easier for my sweet caretaker husband. I have plans for the required down time. I have books to read, and puzzles to occupy me, and a small knitting project. I'm as ready as I can be...I guess...

So I'll be off the computer for awhile. But I have something fun to announce when I come back. So tune in again...same bat time...same bat channel.

And if you're inclined to say a prayer or two, they'd be much appreciated.


  1. Hello Kath
    Best wishes for your surgery and a speedy and full recovery (although I know it will be weeks of recovery). Do rest, rest, rest and enjoy being taken care of.

    sincerly - Joolz

    "love the tree/sunshine on your banner"

  2. Thanks, Joolz. I thought I'd be away before anyone read this post. I wasn't thinking about time differences. :)

  3. Many, many hugs and loves to you. And a few to Uncle Carey, too.
    Soak up all the love everyone brings or sends, and apply it directly to getting better.
    That should work.

  4. Aunt Kathy,
    Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you.
    As one who has been through a similar surgery (six times over), I feel your pain.
    Try not to cough, sneeze or laugh too hard for atleast a week after your surgery.
    Oh, and when you get up for the first time after your surgery (they'll remove your catheter so you HAVE to get up), no mater how much you feel like your guts will spill on the floor, they won't. Those stitches will hold.

  5. Thank you, Steph and Kim. I'm doing well, and appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


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