Monday, January 16, 2023

Reaching out to Juhli...

 Hi Juhli,

I am having absolutely no luck commenting on your blog.  

But I have been thinking about you a lot recently and wanted to reach out.  I'm hoping you will see this.

I have been reading Elizabeth Strout's book Lucy By the Sea, and I wanted to recommend it in case you haven't read it.  I am enjoying it very much.  The main character is writing about Covid lockdown and talks about walking and eating seaside in the open air (I think those are what make me think of you).  Anyway, think you might enjoy it too.

All the best in your house search!



  1. Thank you and I'm sorry you are having trouble commenting! The house search right now includes Hubby flying to Berkeley today to look at a home we think will work. We will decide tonight if we are making an offer.

  2. Hi, My name is Maggie and I'm really writing as I read through most of your Reading List. I really enjoyed it and have taken some titles from it. I wanted to comment on the William Kent Kruger book you mentioned. I found him over this last summer and love his books. have read 3 or 4 since. I too read Pillars of the Earth, when I first saw the size of the book, highly recommended to me by a friend, I thought, oh no, this is going to be painful, kinda like getting a root canal...but it wasn't. Enjoyed it sooo much that I collected the other books in that genre that he wrote. Have you read any of the other ones? I do not have a blog but my email is if you care to respond.i am a big book lover!!!

    1. Hi, Maggie! Thanks for reading and leaving a comnent. I love to read too, as you can probably tell. :) My plan, this year, is to not read quite as much as I did last year as I have some projects that I need to work on. But if you read something you really love, please share the title!
      Happy reading! Kathleen


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