Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25th, Rudolph Day...

There has been much more than one day of Christmas prep this month.  Lots of time has been spent in the 'Christmas closet' rearranging as I have been working on an article on holiday organization and taking photographs.  Also since Kasey and I are having a garage sale next weekend, I wanted to weed through the decorations and see if anything could be sold or donated.  I am so happy to have everything nicely categorized, packed, and put away.  I don't dread the decoration explosion when it's time to open the storage boxes this year.

My Rudolph Day plan for this month was to begin working on our Christmas letter.  Since I found myself wide awake at midnight...technically the 25th...I got a good start on the letter, and will just need to update it some as it gets closer to time to mail it.  I don't think I got cards or letters mailed last year, so it feels kind of good to get this head start on it for this year.

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