Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today is Tuesday...

...and I am making napkin rings out of toilet paper tubes and duct tape.  Kind of redneck, I know.

We use cloth napkins at our house, and with the recent influx of family members at the table we have been having a lot of napkin laundry.  The cure I learned from the other Kathleen is to have an identifiable napkin ring for each diner, so that if their napkin is barely used they can keep it on the table for the next meal. 

I don't have a variety of napkin rings, so since they are needed quickly and only temporarily, this solution popped into my head.  I was just going to use the cardboard tubes, but wasn't sure they could survive a month's worth of use.

Bon appetit, y'all!


  1. Clever! I use toilet paper rolls for lots of things... never thought of napkin rings... First time I met my husbands parents there were paper napkins on the table at the end of the meal Gord's napkin and his parents napkin were still neatly folded beside their plates... mine was a greasey mess... I think I failed the first test! They were obviouls props to be used in an emergency....

  2. Poor Lynne! That was very unfair of them. LOL


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