Monday, May 13, 2013

Is it time to call out the big dogs???

Well, maybe not these three.  They ARE big, but not nearly mean enough.

So, what brings about the need of protection, you may ask.  I've had a post, accompanying photograph, the whole shebang.  Not from this blog, but from What's Cookin' 4 Miles North of Nowhere .  I had an anonymous email from someone alerting me that it was on another (very commercial) blog, unattributed of course.

What I find really nasty about them is that they have a copyright notice on their blog that states, "This blog is copyright protected, and anything on it belongs to _________."  Yeah, right.

My first reaction was to Google what to do about a stolen blog post.  I found an awesome article posted by Rhonda at Crafterminds detailing how to go about approaching the plagiarizer.  I don't have time or energy to begin the process tonight.  

I thought I'd come ask you guys how you feel about it.  Ever had anything blatantly lifted from your blog?  I don't really care about the recipe (which I'm sure I found on a label somewhere decades ago and morphed into my own over the years),  but it is really just kind of creepy seeing my photo with my napkin and my counter top (from the old house).  Oh yeah, the counter top is from the old house, because the post they lifted from me predates their blog.  Oi vey.  Is there an emoticon for an eye-rolling bummed-out blogger?


  1. BOO!!! Boo, boo, boo! Not cool.
    Definitely sic 'em.

  2. I am not sure how I would cope with that. I just hope I don't ever experience that situation. I am sorry that you had to. That really isn't playing nicely at all.

  3. Not nice, and I would be livid, too, but as I was reminded last year by something similar but not the same that happened to me, when we put something out there on the internet, it is out there forever, whether we delete it or not, and can be taken, copied, used for someone else's gain, etc etc, usually without us having any idea. One of the downsides of blogging, sadly, though obviously that doesn't make taking other people's photos and writing right. Let us know what happens.

  4. Thanks for the commiseration, all.

    Caroline, I completely agree...and yet... Feels like I left my car unlocked and purse on the front seat. If I came back to find everything rifled and/or stolen, I would know I kind of asked for it, but I would still feel...creepy.

  5. YES~ time for the big hungry dogs indeed!
    While "copying" is considered the highest form of flattery, copyright infringement is downright illegal.
    I daresay to tell me now which blog now, for while I can scour the internet in my insomnia racked nights, I will find it and comment (ever so "PC" 'that I have always loved my friend Kathy's recipe and she'll loved that you shared it with your readers! Oh and love napkin that has been in her family for generations!'

  6. Just nasty.. I have a hard time posting pictures that my husband has taken... that have me in them! We are about to drown here... It needs to stop raining. THere has been 1 day that it was warm (& dry) enough to work in the garden this spring... One entire day!

    I keep waiting for the day that I find some of my beads for sale on someone elses site... beads are usually accompanied with a note that these ones have sold but I can make you some just like them!

    What's your recipe for?


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