Saturday, January 8, 2011

Packed away...

Took the tree down...finally. Everything is safely stored away till next November/December in one side of the guest room closet (photo above).

The tree itself, I dropped off at a charity shop rather than packing it away. It has served us well through the years...about twenty I think. It still looks good, but I think next season we'll purchase one of the pre-lit ones that are easier to set up.

Happy to have that job done, and I celebrated by rearranging the living room. Not sure I'm happy with the layout this way either, but we'll live with it for awhile.


  1. It feels good to have everything complete I am sure.

  2. Hi Kath - could I ask what may be a silly question, please? You mention taking your tree to a charity shop in your post. It's rare to hear mention of a 'charity shop' on a US blog, I thought they were known as 'thrift stores' over there? So, are charity shops and thrift stores the same thing, or different? Would love to know, as this has been puzzling me for a while.

    Still laughing at your 4yo grand-daughter organising her show and tell item the night before, bless her! x

  3. Hi Caroline,

    I probably used 'charity shop' because I've been reading your blog for awhile now! LOL

    I think you're probably accurate in your observation. But I tend to think of the 'thrift stores' around here as owned by private business owners rather than a charitable organization. There seem to be quite a few people around here who shop garage sales for resale in their private-run thrift stores.

    I like to support (by shopping at and donating to) the stores run by Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local churches, shelters, senior centers, etc.

    I wonder if we call them thrift stores over here, because sometimes 'charity' can have a negative in 'I don't need your charity.'


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