Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bucket list...

Well, last year I went minimal with my goal for the new year. This year I think I will see how I do with a running list to mark items off of as completed. Some of the items are not meant to be achieved within this calendar year, but I'm adding them anyway to keep them in mind.

1. See the northern lights.

2. Take a walking tour in Ireland.

3. Print, frame, hang six of my photos.

4. Compile some of my blog posts into book form.

5. Read the books that I can't believe I got out of school without reading: Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm, Catcher in the Rye.

6. Get the piano tuned.

7. Convert old vinyl LPs to CDs.

8. Empty. Every. Last. Box.

9. Replace the tile floors with hardwood.

10. Be a hospice volunteer.

11. Go to Maine.

12. Make effort toward routine aerobic activity for improved health, mobility, balance.

13. Stretch daily.

14. Get around to ordering that 'Conquer Procrastination' self-hypnosis CD. Someday.

15. Learn to make bagels.

16. Hand quilt Rita May's quilt.

17. Compliment at least one person every day for a month.

18. Send more snail mail.

19. Sell unused craft items on eBay.

20. Research deer-resistant xeriscaping for front yard.

21. Create separate page for bucket list at top of blog so that I can review and edit as items are completed or need to be added.

That ought to keep me busy for awhile.


  1. Northern lights are wonderful, Ireland was nice but I was 12 so that was a long time ago! The books were read by me.. have no desire to read them again! I need to do 6 & 7 as well! Forget number 8 we moved boxes here 9 years ago that had never been unpacked in the 8 years we lived in our previous house!

    # 11 if your coming to Maine why not come visit me in NB there is a ferry from Eastport ME to the island I live on in July & August... but I guess that means you will need a passport Bah humbug!

    #12 for me maybe get out of the house every day in the winter???

    # 16 fix the quilt I handquilted 30 years ago when I get it back from my parents storage unit....

    Let me know how you get with # 20 I'd love to foil the little buggers! I'm tired of them eating all my flowers just before they bloom!

    Thanks for writing my new years resolutions for me!


  2. Great list, Kathleen, looking fwd to reading about how you get on with it. LOL @ number 14 - let me know if it works, I may well get one myself!!

  3. Kathleen, good luck on your list. I like the range of things you have on it. We like the same books. I see on your bookshelf the bottom three are some of my favorites. I'll have to look for the top two.

  4. How on earth did i miss this post?
    Of course, I must reply and let you know that i anxiously await the opportunity to help you with number eleven!!!
    xoxoox! I love you and would be honored to have you as a guest chez nous in Maine!!!


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