Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Grief

The worst, most devastating emotion I have ever experienced is grief. At times the tremendous weight of it settled over me and left me powerless to breathe. At other times it attacked with such ferocious lightning speed and strength that I was but a blade of grass in a hurricane.

Years have passed...some of them long and dark...and scars remain. The pain still comes, like the phantom limb pain to an amputee--its cause invisible and incomprehensible to bystanders.

And I give thanks! Thanks for the gifts of love so deep that they warrant such a price. Thanks for the memories that are strong enough to survive the storm and bring me smiles--and even tears--again. Thanks for the lessons learned, so that I may listen, and know, and share the grief of a friend.

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  1. Aunt Kathy,

    This brought tears to my eyes.
    I have a dear friend who has a daughter with incurrable cancer, she's seven. Just on Friday she had a CT scan that revealed that the tumor is still growing and they have exhausted every treatment available.
    Savannah will die soon. Her family is making as many memories with her as they can. Life is so preciuous, isn't it?
    If you would like to read her amazing story, you can go to, register (it's free) and the name of savannah's page is "princesssavannah."
    Anyway, thanks for reminding me of the sweetness of this preciuos girls little life.
    Even with something as painful as death, God's tender mercies can be found. Thanks for the reminder.


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