Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday's tantrum...

I went to the grocery store today.  I went early specifically to miss some of the crowds.  

I've mentioned before that they are rearranging the entire store.  And it has forty-nine acres of floor space.  And it makes my knees hurt.  And there are obstacles for restocking everywhere.  And rude people.  

And their chip card readers are lame.  So when I finally was in line, the person in front of me couldn't check out.  And before I started screaming at the top of my lungs, I walked away.  I left my basket in line and walked away.  Out the door.  And came home.

I came home and barked at the dog for barking at the deer.  He is now pissed off and ignoring me.

And I turned on the television, and it irritated me too.  So I decided to turn on Netflix and and watch the first thing that comes up.

And so I have become acquainted with Grace & Frankie...and after pausing it to take a call from my bff and unloading my belief that grocery stores practice age discrimination by being SO big and SO overwhelming and just not caring about anything but their bottom line...I then un-paused just in time to see Grace lose her a grocery store.

For that alone I am now a huge fan.


  1. Well, your day has been full. I would have done the same thing at the grocery store.
    It's akin to waiting in line, another cashier opens and do they bother to take anyone who has been waiting in line already, nope just whoever arrives.

    It is the reason that I have started to use online ordering and then just go to the drive thru for order pick up. I'm finding it a great way to have the $ tally on what's in my basket before check out.

    Wishing you a good evening.

    Andy yes, it is about any way to make it easier on unhappy knees.

    1. Yes, I too plan to be shopping online and picking up from now on. Thankfully that is an option.

  2. My Mum told us the story of an incident in a department store in Boston. She and my father found a tea cup and saucer they liked and wanted to buy a second set. After asking several store employees for assistance and getting an indifferent brushoff from each one, my father had had enough. He walked to the center of the store and shouted at the top of his lungs, "SERVICE!!" and salespeople came running from all directions. My Mum, meanwhile, with me in the front seat of the cart, nonchalantly strolled off in the other direction! My father, now with his purchased tea cups and saucers in a shopping bag, caught up with her and they left the store, no doubt to enjoy a cup of tea when they got home from their new cups. That made me smile just to type this - we would laugh at this memory so many times when my sister and I were younger, the sight of a cup and saucer in a store usually brought on a retelling of the story.

    1. :) LOL! I LOVE that story! Exactly how I felt today. However, as usual, I have bitten off my nose to spite my face…now I have to shop again.

  3. I think at our time in life we turn into grumpy old women! I would have done the same as you and walked. Otherwise I would have exploded with rage! There is just no service in our supermarkets anymore.

    1. Well yesterday was definitely a grumpy day. Carey should be glad he missed it! Certain advantages to being away from home. :)


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