Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  Made another visit to the chiropractor today for my shoulder.  It is helping, but it is not perfect.

2.  I am trying a new recipe for dinner tonight.  

3.  Rudy was neutered and chipped yesterday.  The surgery did not slow him down in the least.

4.  I am meeting an old friend for lunch on Friday.  We didn't know each other well when our lives took different paths, but we liked each other and had similar interests.  The other day, she found my email address on a handmade item I had given her, and she decided to try it.  I am so happy that my email is still the same!  We seem to be back on a similar path, and we live closer together than we used to.  I hope we click again!

5.  Friday is Grandparent's Day at Chloe's school.  It's the last one I'll get to celebrate with an elementary school program.  ...sigh...

6.  Worked all last week and yesterday.  Glad to do it, and glad it's done.  

7.  Getting ready for a garage sale at the end of the month.  So far my preparation consists of making lists of things to include.  The next seven days I should have a chance to make some actual progress.

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