Friday, May 15, 2015

5 things Friday...

My week in a snapshot...or five snapshots.

Monday: Listening to an NPR story piqued my interest to look up the journalist online.  I'll bet people don't forget her name...though they may forget it on their shopping list.

Tuesday:  Quiet day at work...made a couple of cards (actually stationery) using copy paper and clip art.

Wednesday:  Another quiet day, so I kept a sheet of graph paper handy to sketch out an idea for some quilt blocks.  I blurred them below...just in case I decide to do something with them someday.

Thursday:  Though Chloe's theater class is over for the school year, we decided we would still like to hang out together on Thursday afternoons.

Friday:  Carey's truck radio was not factory installed, and there was no manual included when he bought the truck.  Today I took a photo of it so that I would remember to look online for a manual to download, because the nonsensical scrolling messages it flashes drive me nuts.

1 comment:

  1. HI Kathleen am way behind in my fun to hang out every Thursday with your grand wish ours were closer but most of them will be here off and on all summer
    some are coming next week hooooray


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