Monday, March 17, 2014

New do...

        Today I went from this...                       to this.

I'm going to try going au natural (hair wise anyway) again.  It's one of my economizing efforts now that I'm unemployed.  

Today would have been my mother's 98th birthday...a good day for a haircut...she was ALWAYS trying to get me to cut my hair...and I was ALWAYS telling her NO!

Perhaps once all the artificial color is gone from my hair, I will let it grow very long and wear it in a braid again.  :)



  1. I love mine short too, its very similar in style to yours. Great for summer and about 3 minutes blow drying it! It looks lovely!

  2. Cute! I love it!!

    I've told myself I am not going to go "natural" until I'm 60. I did it once in my 40s and I felt/looked so old! I have gone very very light in an effort to keep the skunk stripe a little less obvious between colors.

  3. long time no see Kathleen. You've been away, I've been away! I could never pull off short hair but boy, it suits you!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. I really like it and your Mother would, too! That is a reason to go back to the braid--we wouldn't want you to be too obliging.

  5. Cute! You know me...I've always gone natural...glad you've decided to join me. :-)


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