Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pet peeves revisited...

Time for another pet-peeve list.  Sorry, but I need to get it out of my system.  I'll keep it short, because it is late, and because the majority make me sound like a cranky old fogy.

It grates on my last nerve...

...when someone stands up and walks away from their chair without pushing it under the table or desk.

....when contemporary users take perfectly good words, and change them to suit their whim when it could have been used perfectly well without change.  ie: securitization?

...when drivers cross all lanes when making a turn instead of turning into the nearest lane.

...when someone prepares a sandwich or a bowl of cereal and leaves crumbs or grains of sugar all over the counter.

...when someone constantly interrupts others when they are speaking.

...when anyone moves my stuff!  Yes, I like ALL of my pencils in one cup, ALL of my pens in another cup, and ALL of my markers in a third cup.  Hey, I don't come over to your desk and co-mingle all of your stuff!

...when I compose an email or a comment, and accidentally delete it right before I finish...and then I re-type it and accidentally delete it again! 

Okay, that's enough.  I'll feel better.  Thanks!


  1. Yes on the crumbs! I swear my in-laws used to do it on purpose when they'd make toast. They'd never use plates to butter it on...thinking the crumbs wouldn't show on the granite! Aaaargh.
    Driving in USA would drive you nuts with the lane changes I bet!

  2. Maybe you ARE in USA given your ~$$$ references in other posts! Sorry!

  3. Hi is actually validating that you think the lane changes here in the US are challenging as well. :)

  4. so am again so far behind in blogging. Kids and kidlets in and out all month and now John is home every day for ever----we are adjusting. laughing. he is so great about loading/unloading the dishwasher and helping with everything....BUT he can't wash off a counter to save his sweet soul!!!!


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