Saturday, August 3, 2013

Construction Day 11...

Welcome back.  The construction crew has taken their tools and gone home!  They will come back to install some doors that they are waiting on delivery of, and they will have to address a plumbing issue that was not discovered until the last day, but other than that it is done!

Allow me to show you around.  I'm repeating a lot of photos, but it shows the progression.

This is the stair entrance before...

and this was the stair entrance on Day 4...and they look pretty much the same on Day 11, so I'm not going to put in another photo.  We may paint the steps later and put up a handrail.

When we reach the top of the stairs, we turn into the entrance of the apartment.  The first room is the living area...shown here before...

...and this was what it looks like on Day 4 with the walls enclosed.

...and this is what it looks like on Day 11...finished but for paint.

Going to the far end of the apartment is the bath... before...

...and the bath Day 4 had the shower installed.  

...and the bath Day 11. 

The shelving next to the shower...looks a little catawampus in this photo, but that is due to the shadows and the angled ceiling.

Across from the shower is the vanity area before...

...and the vanity area on Day 4.  

...and the vanity area on Day 11.  Mirror will go up after painting.

This photo was taken just as I exited the bath.  This shows the bedroom before...

...and this is the bedroom Day 4.  

...and this is the bedroom Day 11...done but for paint.

This shows the bedroom from its entrance, and shows the closet.

 I mentioned in the last post about the small 'extra' room off of the bedroom (entrance seen two photos above, behind the door from the bedroom to the living room).  This shows its interior, and on the right side of the dormer, you see a low, angled door... leads to extra storage under the eaves.

This photo is taken from the bedroom door facing back into the living area...before...

...and here was basically the same area Day 4.  The doorway seen straight ahead is the stair entrance/exit.

...and here it is on Day 11, done but for paint.

This was the plan for the right side of the living area...the kitchen.  

But due to a misunderstanding as to where the electrical outlets went in and a spacing issue, this is how it turned out.  I'm not thrilled that the refrigerator had to go in the dormer, but it's okay. The other dormer on the left side of the photo has another cabinet.  (I'll tell you more about where those cabinets came from in a future post.)

This is the inside of the small pantry area.  That doorway at the back leads to yet more storage space under the eaves.  It will have one of the doors that the crew will be back to install soon.  

 And now we are back at the top of the stairs heading down...before...

...and the top of the stairs on Day 4.  

And finally the top of the stairs on Day 11 with flooring on the landing and in the storage space.

This brings us to the end of our tour.  I'm not sure Jared will let me in to take photos after he has started moving in, so you may never see it painted or furnished.  :)  

Glad you came to witness a LONG-awaited project come to fruition.  Again, please watch your step on the way down...still no handrails yet.  :)


  1. My goodness! What an exciting undertaking!

  2. wow how exciting! I am so happy that it is almost done! There always seems to be some little glitch, huh? I hope it gets fixed and you are moving into the space soon


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