Monday, May 27, 2013

Long weekending...

I had a four-day weekend, and it was a marathon of activity.  

Friday I went and got my hair cut off.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the huge mound of hair on the floor when all was done.  I went in the morning, and my stylist said that he would cut hair for the rest of the day and all combined still not accumulate as much hair as from just my cut.  LOL  

It poured Friday afternoon, but I was determined to get to Austin to make another painting class.  I can't tell you how many times I almost turned around...questioning the wisdom of facing Austin traffic in the rain.  Even after I got to the location, I almost came home without going in just thinking of having to repeat the process in the dark, but I'm very happy I didn't.  Unfortunately, my phone's camera is very untrustworthy lately, so I have no photos to share.

Saturday, I picked up Diego and took him to a painting class closer to home.  Same camera, same problem, so I have no proof of it, but he enjoyed it.  I will have to try to take a photo of him and the painting later and blog about it in more detail, as he has requested a blog post of his own.  :)

When I took him home, Caitlyn wanted to come home with me to spend the night, so we made it a rare one-at-a-time overnight.  We went out for dinner.  We tried to sew, but my planned project turned out to be a little too tricky.  We played I Spy and read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

Sunday it was Chloe's turn.  We just hung out and played cards.  She fell asleep on the sofa.  When she woke up about 10:30, I thought she might be up for awhile, but she got ready for bed, read me one story, and then went right back to sleep.

Today was Bobby's turn.  He is my cheesecake lover.  I had promised him quite some time ago that we would go to The Cheesecake Factory, so today was that day.  We loved it, and came home stuffed.  He came over and hung out for awhile before going back home.  It was really a fun day with him.

Tomorrow it is back to work, but the beauty of a long weekend, is that it makes the work week one day shorter!  :)


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! It rained here all weekend, except for Friday,and I worked til noon on Friday. It was the perfect weekend for quilting though!

  2. Quilting is an excellent way to spend a rainy weekend. We got about 4 or more inches over Fri & Sat. SO needed it, though there was flash flooding nearby.

  3. i envy you that your grands are so close to you...ours are so far away. Isn't it gret to hang out with them though?


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