Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade gifts...

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!  We are having our family Christmas today since Carey had to work yesterday.  I'm not doing a big dinner.  I'm making chicken and dumplings with a vegetable side, and Kasey is bringing pie.  I stewed the chicken and boned it a couple of days ago, so the hard work is all done.

Now I can show some of the family gifts  that I've been working on that I couldn't show ahead of time.   I purchased tulle on a spool on special for half off awhile back, and I used it on every single gift instead of ribbon...SO easy to just tie a bow, fluff it out, and have it look great.  To the boys' gifts I added some dragon paper mache ornaments that I got on sale last week...they were each a different color and style.

The boys are so hard to buy for, so I resorted to giving cash, but I didn't want to just slip a check into an envelope.  When I came across this idea , I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do too.

I Googled 'money origami' and found some interesting ways to fold bills that I thought the boys might think were cool.  I chose to try the flower fold (shown in the middle below) and the heart fold (shown in the bottom right-hand corner, though the shape doesn't show up very well in the photo).  The other bills I just folded simply.  I glued the paper candy liners to the bottom of the box, and I used a tiny bit of glue to glue the bills into the candy liners.  I used a liberal amount of glue to glue the coins down...I wanted it to look nice when opened and not strewn every which way...and those boys can clean it up later.  :)

Each boy's box includes one $20 dollar bill, one $10 bill, one $5 bill, one $2 bill, three $1 bills (the flower uses three bills), and assorted coins. I wish I had been able to find darker colored boxes to add more contrast, but all in all I thought they turned out very fun looking, and I think the boys will be surprised and happy with them.

Tomorrow I'll show another gift that was fun to do.


  1. The money box idea is brilliant! Will google soon!

    Sounds like you had a nice relaxing Christmas too.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Merry Christmas, have a wonderful day! :)


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