Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Thursday...

A day off for me, and it is a nice one. Sitting here in the living room with the windows open...loving the fresh air and the bird songs outside.

Kasey is here working. She works from home, but they are getting new floors installed this week, so her house is a little too loud and busy for concentration. She's been hard at it on the computer and conference calls all day, but it's a special treat just to have her near and companionably quiet interludes.

Because I like to pamper my baby occasionally, I made her a special lunch. I made the remainder of last night's rotisserie chicken into a salad, and scooped out a tomato to serve it in. Rounded it out with crackers and iced coffee. Her surprised and grateful acceptance made me happy that I thought of it.

She's a good girl. I'm a lucky mama.


  1. I just love days off... unfortunately I don't get them often! I shouldn't complain, we have our own business so I guess my hours are flexible but I never seem to get a full day to myself.

    That is a very inventive way to serve the chicken salad and looks really goood!

    The american 'chicken salad' is not something we do in Australia. If you asked me to make a chicken salad, in Australia, it would most likely be a bowl/platter of lettuce leaves with other salad veggies (capsicum, tomato, carrot, celery, spring onions, mushrooms) and cooked/sliced roast chicken tossed through it, but not with the creamy dressing. Maybe with a vinagrette dressing. Hmm, that actually sounds really good too!

    It's so nice you could spend time with Kasey and spoil her a bit. My Kirby is coming home for 5 days in April so I can spoil her and Brianna with some good ol home cooking!

    Have a nice weekend, Joolz

  2. That's funny, Joolz, because the leftover chicken that I made into today's 'chicken salad' had been used in last night's chicken salad made exactly as you described with greens and veggies. Maybe here we may call that 'salad with chicken.' I guess the greens version is more 'modern,' and the one made today is more 'retro.' The way I served it in a scooped out tomato today is very mid-century.

  3. Am very impressed with your gourmet looking lunch - can I come round to yours for lunch too?!!

  4. I do love chicken salad and fix it a lot in summertime, usually using leftover rotisserie chicken because it is so flavorful! Think I might experiment a bit this summer--a vinagrette with some of my fresh herbs sounds really good!


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