Friday, January 7, 2011

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1. Yea! I'm back on track enough to know what day of the month it is. I've missed the last couple of months of '7 on the 7th.'

2. I've been needing to knit. Still have unpacked boxes. Still have the Christmas tree up actually. But I started a new little knitting project today. (The tree WILL come down tomorrow!)

3. I have a long list of other projects that need to be done...
towel whitening...
car washing...
hang pictures...
rearrange the living room... name a few...and the everyday stuff like laundry, vacuuming, and grocery shopping too.

4. I need a new phone. I hate trying to decide which one. Too many complicated choices.

5. We were over at Kasey's last night around the girls' bedtime

Kasey..."Oh, Chloe, we need to pick something that starts with a 'W' for you to take for show and tell tomorrow."
Chloe..."I'm taking my watch."
Kasey..."Well go look for it, so we can put it with your school stuff."
Chloe..."It's already in my backpack."

Kasey went and looked in the backpack (by the front door, no less), just to make sure, and there indeed was the watch.

I really try not to underestimate this one. But honestly, it's a little unnerving when you feel less organized and less self-motivated than a four year old.

6. I don't think I'm drinking enough water. That's really unusual for me. I am a water drinker.

7. Carey and Jared are about ready to start on the garage apartment. That should make for some interesting before, during, and after photos in the future. Wish us luck.


  1. May I highly recommend the iPhone 3? I just got one a couple months ago and it os so very cool. It literally does everything. Check out all of the cool apps on itunes before you buy to know what I'm talking about.
    Yes, there is the iPhone 4, but I didn't need all of that stuff and it was $100 cheaper.

  2. Good to know, Kim. Thanks for the heads up.


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