Monday, December 27, 2010

On the flipside...

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Ours was busy, as they tend to be. We had out-of-town guests starting last Monday. The last one left this morning. I think I overdid it a bit with all the unpacking beforehand, and cooking and baking during their stay, as I am in dire need of a visit to my chiropractor this afternoon. But it was totally worth it. This was the funnest holiday in ages!

I didn't go all out with the decorations this year. Understated may have been the theme. I loved how the photo enlargement turned out after I mounted it on a canvas. It will stay up through the winter.

I enjoyed pulling out an old Grandma Moses print that had belonged to my great aunt. I popped a red charger behind it to give it a bit more presence.

I even loved it when I was a bit too slow getting the tree topper on, and Jared gave his beloved Rangers' cap the top spot.

Hmmm...time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions.


  1. As always mine will be lose weight! UGH!

  2. Hi Jacque! Thanks for commenting. Hope your Christmas was a good one, and the year ahead is filled with blessings for you and yours.


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