Monday, April 12, 2010

Another springtime 'tale'...

Lovely days. The windows are open. That won't last too much longer before we have to turn on the air conditioning, but I'm holding out as long as possible. The humidity is rising along with the temperature.

This is the prettiest Spring we've had for several years. Of course wildflowers aren't the only things that are coming back out after their winter's sleep.

Saturday, as we were leaving the house to meet our friends for dinner, I headed out to the car before Carey. One of the dogs rushed up to greet me, and then immediately got distracted by something around the corner of the house. I instantly heard the tell 'tale' sound of a rattle snake. Luckily said dog was not much interested in playing with it, and I called Carey outside. He is my snake handler. :) When we were newlyweds, he moved me to the rattlesnake capital of Texas, where he would catch and sell them, and occasionally made hat bands and belts from the hides. He doesn't fool with that anymore, thank heavens. But he hasn't lost his touch, and he made quick work of Saturday's interloper. We weren't even late for our date.

Jared deals with water moccasins at his place, since his cabin sits at the edge of the big tank (pond). Last year his dog was bitten by one, and felt pretty bad for a couple of days. But dogs usually recover pretty least ours always have.

So with these lovely neighbors slithering about, I gladly stay inside as much as possible with my crafts and computer.


  1. I still remember when you guys locked us kids out of the house and we banged on the door (in a panic) to tell you there was a snake by the swimming pool. At first nobody believed us. Next thing we knew, here comes Uncle Carey with his garden hoe and he chopped that snakes head right off. Then he cut off the rattle for a trophy. We all thought it was so cool and that he had super powers. Looks like he still does. My kids know that story and ask me to recite it often. Problem is, now they are afraid to go to Texas because, they have decided that "too many snakes live there!!" I guess I better not tell them about the cockroaches.

  2. AAAAHHHHHH, Texas. The land of extreme weather, tarantulas, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and armadillos:) ( and good barbeque)
    I was born in West Texas and rattlers weren't uncommon in our yard. I miss the horned toads. I haven't seen one in years anywhere else. Still have those?

  3. Kim! OMG, we locked you out? On purpose? You MUST be confusing me with your mother! :) I know we used to have to keep the door locked at that house, or the kid from next door would just walk in and make himself at home (LOL), but if we locked you out, I surely apologize.

    And Carey does sort of have super powers. He used to be like he's more like Poopdeck Pappy! :)

    Debbie, we used to see horned toads all the time when I was growing up, and we don't really see them any more. I wonder if maybe pesticides have depleted their numbers or something.

  4. We have rattlesnakes and moccassins here, too, but worry more about copperheads up around my house. The season is upon us, I'm afraid. I got my first tick this weekend..c

  5. One of our dogs has been bitten by a poisonous snake and he is now my own personal snake alerter! He HATES them- I guess he remembers his head swelling up and with his squinty little eyes he looked quite like a pig! Poor thing!!! We were going to take him in for a cortisone shot, but by next morning, he was definitely improving! I keep him with me when I'm weeding my front garden because he will "let me know" where a snake is and keeps his distance! He showed me a huge cottonmouth last year right under the water spigot and luckily my son drove up and shot it for me!

  6. We live on 2 1/2 acres just out of our town and thankfully I can say I have not yet seen a snake. Our cat, Bonnie, however did get bitten by one, two summers ago. She was very lucky to survive. We don't get rattlers but we get tiger snakes and brown snakes which are deadly to animals and humans. Lovely wildflowers - enjoy your springtime!


  7. Oooh, makes me shudder just thinking about it. No such beasts here in Devon, thank goodness! x


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