Monday, July 20, 2009

A Different Disposition...

Do you have any friends that are SO different, that you can't quite figure out how they made it past your barriers and into the fortress of your life? I have several. I seem to attract the ADD personality.

As a child I spent an inordinate amount of my time looking for my mother's shoes. And purse. And keys. Etc. She pretended we were playing a variation of hide and seek. I wasn't fooled. And I compensated by ALWAYS putting my shoes, my purse, and my keys (etc.) in a designated spot. I very rarely lose track of my appendages.

My mother, however, seems to be having a little joke on me from the other side, by pushing people who constantly lose things into my life. I can almost hear her sing-song, "HA. ha."

Today I spent the day with one of those friends. We started out the day by her crawling around my car to see if perhaps her debit card had fallen under the seat last time she was riding with me. It got to the point that I had to pull over until she would sit still and buckle up. (She never found it, by the way, but that's the beauty of the ADD personality...they're easily distracted.)

We had tons o' fun rummaging around at thrift stores. And having lunch. And laughing. And laughing.

So I dropped her off at home about dark. And if we didn't get our fill of each other's company already, we talked on the phone a couple house later, engaging in a favorite pastime of ours...playing MP3-clip roulette on Tonight we listened to Pat Boone's 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' album. These truly are clips of 'art' not to be missed. (Oh Horrors! You wouldn't think I would recommend having to listen to the full-length version do you?) And reading the reviews had me screeching with laughter. Warning: place a Poise pad in your panties before going there.

So I think I will keep my ADD friends. They ADD some much-needed fun to my life. They are Absolutely Delightfully Different from me. And I need that.

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