Thursday, March 19, 2009


I may have mentioned before that we are having a terrible drought. We are under a long-running burn ban, and brush fire is a real threat. When I see someone toss a cigarette out their car window, I'm split between wanting to stop to look for and crush out the butt, or following to lecture the driver, a la road rage. I mean, come on, if I went to their house and tossed matches, I think they'd want to yell at me too. Think, people!

A week or so ago, there was a brush fire about six miles from us. It left a lot of black parched ground and fence posts, and shrivelled cactus (luckily no homes were lost). I pass it every time I go to see my friend, the Crazy Cat Lady. It makes me feel sick, thinking about what could have happened.

Carey can look at it and say what great grass there will be there once the rains come. I know that logically, but I needed a little more help to see a greener future. In the last couple of days, a lot of these have appeared.

Rain Lily

Even after just the tiny bit of rain we had last week, proof that there's a new landscape on the way.

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