Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For Auld Lang Syne...

I dreamt of Allison again last night. And I woke up happy.

She doesn't visit my dreams as often as she used to. It's like when we used to live many miles away from each other and had to plan for the rare trip, but each moment of the visit was treasured. Even in my sleep I know that this is all I have now and to pay attention.

I was at a high school sporting event when I saw her come in and sit down. It was impossible to move over to her, but I kept watching her, my heart couldn't get its fill. When the game was over, the crowd pushed us further and further apart, and I had to leave without getting to speak to her.

Then once I was home, she came to the door, and it was just like old times. She followed me from room to room as I did chores, helping me when she particular we were washing and folding bed linens.

She was so healthy.

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