Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing with light...

~~~Before leaving work this afternoon, I was ordered to blog this evening. So, Boss, here ya go. ~~~

Monday's lessons...Drew called and said she was on her way over, and we were going to play with the light. I learned a lot!

Standing under the wild mistletoe...alas, my sweetie was nowhere to be found.

Barn and tractor.

The winter days are short...the shadows long.

A bug's-eye view of lichen.

A cluster of moss. Amazing what the super macro will do for 'bare' winter trees.

(Left click on the last two to see full screen. The detail is too cool.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For Auld Lang Syne...

I dreamt of Allison again last night. And I woke up happy.

She doesn't visit my dreams as often as she used to. It's like when we used to live many miles away from each other and had to plan for the rare trip, but each moment of the visit was treasured. Even in my sleep I know that this is all I have now and to pay attention.

I was at a high school sporting event when I saw her come in and sit down. It was impossible to move over to her, but I kept watching her, my heart couldn't get its fill. When the game was over, the crowd pushed us further and further apart, and I had to leave without getting to speak to her.

Then once I was home, she came to the door, and it was just like old times. She followed me from room to room as I did chores, helping me when she particular we were washing and folding bed linens.

She was so healthy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A little yarn...

This yarn looked really good in the store, but I'm not happy with the knitting up. I have unravelled and started over SO many times, and think I will give it one more try with yet bigger needles before just giving up.

But the real yarn I wanted to tell is this...

I went to Kasey and Beau's on Monday afternoon, and came home on Wednesday morning. On the way home I stopped in at Hobby Lobby (again), and as I was wandering the store, thoughts of the children kept popping into my head, and I found myself smiling over and over again. And it occurred to me that I am in love with those children. I don't just love them, I am IN love with them. That giddy, smile-at-odd-moments type of love that makes your heart thump and your brain race.

I love hearing a song on the radio and knowing it's one they sing along to. I love when one scoots over to sit closer to me on the sofa without ever taking his eyes off the television. I love the way one turns his face toward me and flashes his dimples. I love being asked to ride with them on the trip to school or getting a request to sing "Ayourdorable."

As I'm thinking these things, I say a little prayer of thanks. And I have a split second of wondering when they will outgrow me. But before the dread is even fully formed, I'm distracted by a head full of bright blue hair browsing a nearby display. Not the kind of blue hair that Carey and I tease each other about having. But bright PEACOCK blue hair. And this beautiful blue-haired sprite says, "I think I'll get this one. I'll just put the gift in this with some tissue. What do you think?" And she turns to her smiling shopping buddy...a lovely woman that she called Grandma.

And I smile again too.

I think there's lots more fun to look forward to and lots of thankfulness ahead.
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