Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As I'm listening to the wind gusting through the trees this morning, it reminds me how thankful I am for them. The oak tree in the blog's title picture is one of the ones right outside my office window. We have lots of oaks and some elms up here at the house, and some plum and peach and china berry down at the cabin. I'd like to plant some pecan trees...I miss the ones from our old house.

We also have lots...LOTS...of mesquite and huisache, which are really just giant thorny weeds needing to be cleared.

My favorite tree is a pine tree, and I'm very worried about it. It thrived out here for years, but it's been looking pretty unhealthy for the past year or so.

It's not a very beneficial tree, or one well adapted to our area probably, but OH! it is so full of memories and sentiment. We got it as a seedling in a McDonald's happy meal when Jared was in first grade. We planted it in a pot until it got too big for the pot, and then we planted it in the side yard at our old house. When we moved out here, Jared was 14 and was determined to bring it with us. So my sweet husband started digging, by hand, and somehow they managed to move the tree (which was about ten to twelve feet tall by that time) and a huge root ball that he dug up, and planted them out here.

When I look at that tree I see my sweet eager little boy...and my determined teenager...and his oh-so-practical dad who is soft-hearted enough to be impractical when it counts. This is sort of our Giving Tree in reverse, and oh how I want it to be here forever.

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