Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  Today is Caitlyn's 12th birthday.  We had a fun day out together.  She had a gift certificate for a manicure that a friend had given her, so I took her to use that for a French manicure (yeah, I know, a 12 year old.  Don't judge me.  I didn't buy it for her.)  

Then we had lunch at a favorite little Tex-Mex place (this is their child's plate btw)...

...on we went to Target just to browse...she found a shirt she liked and a friend...

...then we went to Bahama Buck's for a shaved ice.

She said her mother had always told her that she was born at exactly eight in the morning, but recently they looked at her birth certificate, and found that she had actually been born at 7:52 a.m.  Which is funny, because how many people really know the exact hour of their birth to the minute...well oddly I do too.  My mother was always a number person, and she thought it was funny, and worth my knowing, that I was born at 6:53 a.m.  Why?  Because it meant I was born exactly seven minutes to 7:00 a.m.  And you know what?  Caitlyn was born at exactly eight minutes to 8:00 a.m.  😊

2.  I am still reading last week's book.  LONG chapters.

3.  I made popcorn last night.  I  made too much.  I left the extra covered in the pan overnight and nibbled some a while ago, and it's still pretty good.  I've had staler at the theater.  It's Purple Amish Country Popcorn that I ordered from Amazon.  A friend made it at the last quilt retreat, and it was good enough to make me want to buy some.

4.  Summer is here!  Hot and humid.  😥  That's not tears in my emoticon, it's sweat!

5.  Pet peeve #1:  people who think it's okay to take helium filled balloons to someplace like a graduation and never think twice about impeding the view of possibly hundreds of people behind them.

6.  Pet peeve #2:  Shoppers in the market who leave their cart in the middle of the aisle, and walk away from it and over to the next aisle to pick something up, coming back to the gridlock their abandoned cart caused, and walking away without a clue how inconsiderate they have been.

7.  Pet peeve #3:  People who let their dog bark and bark and bark at deer without quieting it or bringing it inside.  Yeah, this one is what MY neighbors will be saying about me, if I don't let Rudy in right now.  (LOL  This one was an actual 'pet' peeve.)


  1. Cute! I have photos of Vic and of Sophia with the Target dog.


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