Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thanks, AAA...

I signed up with AAA roadside assistance as I left home heading to Kentucky (literally, Carey handed me the info as I walked out the door, and I pulled over at the gas station on the corner to make the call).  I was very happy not to need it while I was away.

Today, however, Kasey and I made a 2-hour trek over to Ikea.  We loaded up the back of her SUV with shelving for the kids' rooms and office in their new house.  Ten minutes before we got home, and just as it was getting dark, we had a blowout.  

Since the service covers any vehicle you are driving or are a passenger in, I called the number I had programmed into my phone, and after a little bit of confusion pinpointing our location, they sent out a very nice guy who promptly changed the tire and got us back underway.  

Whew!  I've had the service for a little over three months, and it's already paid for itself.  Love it, and hope I never have to be without it.

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  1. I have similar - it only has two AA's over here! - but very useful, and puts my mind at rest on long journeys by myself.


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