Friday, November 22, 2013

About Time...

Caroline recommended this movie a few months ago.  I tucked that away, as it hadn't yet released in the U.S.  When it was released here a few weeks ago, I didn't get around to going right away.  It has had a lot of mixed reviews, and I was afraid it was going to get pulled from theaters if I waited too long, so I went by myself this afternoon.  Thank goodness I went alone, because I would have embarrassed myself if I was with anyone.  I cried like a baby.

I loved this movie.  I feel sure it will be one of those that I will not be able to pass by when I see it on the satellite guide.  The characters were lovable, and the actors playing them were great.  It wasn't perfect...there were a few things that made me go, huh?  But overall, it was a great message and love story...and the love between father and son was as compelling as the love between boy an girl.

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