Monday, September 13, 2010

Procrastination redeux...

Dear Kelley,

Regarding the love-filled (albeit snarky) comment which you left on my Facebook wall: I absolutely do not need the Internet to procrastinate!

(See photo above.)

I really did make an honest attempt to get a quick start on the day. I showered and dressed, and then I started wondering if I would get a call from the title company to drop everything and come sign on the dotted line. So I decided to put on just a little makeup.

But then I wondered if anyone (besides me) really notices when I put on makeup. So I decided to do just half of my face and compare.

Then I thought I would send you a photo thereof, to let you know that the Internet is not the be all and end all of my entertainment / lack of packing progress.

But, of course, I thought that perhaps I should blog my results, so here I am back on the Internet. (See photo below.)

I have to go make up the rest of my face now.

Love, Kathleen


Dear Kasey,

If you rat me out about this to your father, you are out of the will!

Love, mom


  1. Oh, that procrastination monster is taking hold of me lately as well. For the record, I think that your 'made up' side looks better, if I can say that without sounding terribly rude. The other side looks perfectly fine as well, it's just you look more 'enhanced' on the made up side!

  2. Not rude at all Caroline! I appreciate knowing that I haven't been wasting my time and makeup all these years. :)

    I wrote this mainly to annoy my friend who is giving me a hard time about my lack of moving progress. I'm not sure I can stand to leave those photos up for long!

  3. Silly girl! You're one of the most beautiful people I know - with OR without makeup!

    Love you!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. This I love: "if you can't let go of something, you no longer own owns you."

    and 100 acres! Giving up 100 acres! I'm going to need to see pictures. Will dig through your blog to see if there are any.

    Great, great writing.

  6. Thanks, LB! You are too kind. :)

    Hi, Pamela! I'll have to round up some pictures of the place for a post soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. You are looking good for such an old lady:)
    You know that only your niece can get away with saying that. I have always thought you were old. Even when I was five and you were 20, which you still look with the make-up.

  8. Miss Kim Kay, when you were five, I was only 18. :) Even a niece shouldn't get away with adding two years! LOL


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