Saturday, May 24, 2008

Things I'm looking forward to doing when the cast comess off!

2. wringing out washcloths
3. opening and closing ziplock bags
4. washing BOTH hands
5. taking a shower without a plastic bag on my arm
6. doing anything crafty
7. holding a glass in my left hand
8. chopping vegetables with ease
9. cooking
10. turning pages as I read
11. picking up anything I want to
12. hooking and zipping and buttoning...oh my!
13. wearing my wrist watch
14. making a sandwich
15. scrubbing pots and pans...(yeah, right!)
16. wearing my wedding rings
17. scratching my wrist


  1. Hello,
    I've beem out of the blogging loop for a while, haven't posted or checked blogs for a while. I didn't realize that your cast was STILL on, you poor thing.
    I broke my leg once, it was awful...the itch. I use to get a wash cloth, soak it in alcohol, put it on the end of a bent coat hanger, force it dowm my cast and scratch the heck out of my leg. I remember it being so itchy, it drove me nuts and would keep me awake at night.
    I hope it comes off soon.
    Moreover, I hope you bounce back quickly.

  2. I am now counting down the hours! Should be about 36 hours from now that I'm liberated. Yeehaw! Of course they got my hopes up once before, took it off, then turned around and put another one right back on. As for blogs, I've been reading, but not very good about writing. k


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