Monday, June 18, 2018

Making it Monday...

A lot of card making going on around here lately, and tomorrow I'm going to have some serious clean up and supply put away to do!

The camp the girls attend gives the opportunity to the kids to send and receive mail.  My kind of camp!  Kasey was swamped lately, and when I mentioned letters from camp recently, she said she wasn't sure she would have time to get supplies together for the girls this year, so I told her I would love to do it.

I made two sets of eight cards.  The first contained four each of the two ice-cream designed cards above.  I used images found on the web and printed on card stock, then layered on colored card stock and used matching washi tape I had on hand, and I stamped 'sweet treats' under each focal image.  I put labels with their return address on the envelopes, and I made labels with likely recipients' names and addresses.  I figured the quicker the job was for them to do, the more letters might go out.  :)  I also included a gel pen of a matching color and postage stamps.  I actually had ice cream-themed postage stamps that went with this set.

The second set (I'm not sure which girl chose which set) contained one each of eight owl designs, along with labels, postage stamps, and a colored pen.  I used to LOVE new stationery when I was a kid.  I hope they like these...and USE them!  :)

You've seen this photo below in the last Frugal Friday File.  I thought I'd show you the progression to its completion.
This was the very start, and it went really quickly.  Only an hour or so and the stitching was done.

I graphed my own pattern for this.  I realize now that I got a lot of his coloring backwards, but still, everybody knows who it is...Rudy, of course!  LOL  I'm having fun playing with these tags.

Here's the finished card.  I made it to send to Chloe at camp.  She and Rudy are a lot alike...full of energy...attention seekers.  I wouldn't say she doesn't like him, but I would say that she gets along better with more laid-back dogs.  So I kind of torment her by sending her cards from him.  :)  

I'll make another tag card tonight to send to Caitlyn.

Last week, I mailed out four letters to grown ups on my list.

I haven't counted lately how many letters have gone out this year, but I think I'm doing really well on this year's 52 letters in 52 weeks challenge.

edited to add:  Tuesday morning I made another card each to mail to Caitlyn and Chloe.
This is the cross-stitch tag card I made for Caitlyn.  I couldn't find all of my floss, and so found myself with limited options.  There was almost no contrast between the two colors of pink I used for the owl.  I stitched the wings with a pink even paler than the body, and I was so unhappy with it that I figured I couldn't make it any worse, so I might as well try something unorthodox.  I used a raspberry-colored sharpie to carefully 'dye' the floss of the wings' Xs.  LOL  It worked beautifully, and really helped the look of the finished tag.  Now, please understand I would NEVER do this on a larger piece of cross-stitch, but the tag was so small, it wasn't a big investment to risk.

This was a quick one for Chloe with just paper and washi tape...yes, the 'Hello Gorgeous' and flowers is a strip of washi that fit perfectly across the card front.  Lucked out there, as I was rushing to get it in the mail.


  1. Hmm, one of those cards looks familiar! Thank you so much, I love it. What a great idea to give a set of cards with labels, stamps, and a colored pen. Great gift for a college student or to give to a new mom or bride at their shower.

  2. Love your cards! So glad you’re creating & encouraging your grandchildren to write letters. Love it! Impressed with the cross stitched tag. Adorable!

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! Those cross-stitch tag cards tick two boxes on my favorite-pastime list. :)


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