Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A matter of taste...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a really whiny post initiated by the fact that I had made chili that didn't turn out like my regular (delicious) chili. Tonight I made spaghetti sauce, and from the moment I started browning the ground beef, I recognized what was weird about that chili. The beef had a kind of funky smell. NOT spoiled, mind you. But not delicious, by far.

This is fresh ground beef, used promptly, bought two or so weeks apart, and from the same grocery chain that I have shopped at forever. Only difference is the actual store location...the one in our new town. I am really bummed that I am finally near a grocery, and now not wanting to shop its meat section. Granted it's only the ground beef that I have a problem with, so I could just chuck out all my ground meat recipes, or maybe I'll just shop at another store location or a specialized meat market (none of which are located in our one-market town). But darn! I wanted to retire my insulated keeps-the-cold-items-cold bag that I've had to use for the last twelve years.

I have a bit of hope, as they are in the process of building a new (larger) store here, and I think it's going to be one of their 'deluxe' versions. It's due to open next month. So I won't discard the recipes yet...but I won't be making any of them too soon.


  1. It's disappointing when things don't perform to expected standards, and expensive too.
    Is it possible for you to buy cheap cuts of steak (here in Australia we have chuck steak and blade steak which are heaps cheaper than say rump or porterhouse) and then whiz/chop them in the blender to make your own mince? I have done this in the past when mince was not avaiable and I find when you brown the meat it is less watery (I think they add water to the mince to bump up the weight!).

    The bolognese dish looks yummy!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Have you complained to the meat dept. manager? I think they might be interested to know that a customer is disappointed in the quality and freshness of the meat they offer for sale! I sure hope the new store will be better!


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