Friday, November 8, 2013

Freaky Friday...

We are off to visit the in-laws.  On the way, Carey wants to stop to eat. He picks this place...a breakfast-all-day chain.  Never been my thing.  I think they are over-priced dens of crummy food.  But there wasn't a lot of choices in Podunkville.  So we waited (and waited and waited) to be seated. First clue.

Waiter was very a big-dumb-slobbery puppy sort of way. A bit overly chatty. Kept asking if everything tasted okay. Like...those hotcakes tasting okay? How 'bout the eggs, they tasting okay? That burger tasting okay? And the fries...the fries taste okay too? (And this was all asked in just one of his many trips to our table.  I mean we were eating it, so...  Second clue.

Now here's the kicker. He made the round of the dining room to tell each of his tables that he was on his way to the restroom, so if we needed anything one of the other servers would be happy to help us, because he was on his way to use the restroom.  (His repetition, not mine.)  Picture a sparsely populated dining room...announcement made at each table...each time heard by the entire room.  I kinda wanted to ask just how long he was planning on being in there.  He left the dining room followed by quiet, unbelieving chuckles. Third clue.

Somebody tryin' to tell me, loosen up, girl.  It's gonna be a goofy day.


  1. Good for a chuckle and a memory. Keep smilin'!

  2. that is funny. Hey he really cared about his customers eh?

  3. I do hope he remembered to wash his hands afterwards!!

  4. Aw bless. I sure bet he loves his job!!!


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