Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blog anniversary giveaway...

I mentioned the other day that this month marks my seventh year of blogging.  Wow, I never would have dreamed seven years ago that I would still be at this...especially since I kind of had to be nudged...pushed...begged...strongly encouraged to start by someone who was going to start a blog, but then immediately walked away from it.  (You know who you are.)  And if truth be told, she never even read my blog until about a year ago when I logged into her Google account and signed her up to receive the posts by email.  :)  (Hey, you should have changed your password.)

Anyway, here we are seven years in, and to celebrate I thought I would do a giveaway of some kind.  Hmmm.  What kind you say?  Well, I couldn't decide.  So today I Googled '7th anniversary gifts' and found that the traditional gift for a seventh anniversary is either wool or copper.  Yes, those are wedding anniversary not blog anniversary suggestions, but I was happy and thankful for the inspiration.  Since wool makes my fingers itch in the summertime, I'm not going to knit anything.  So the giveaway item will be something made from copper.  Could be a lucky penny, could be jewelry, could be a piece of pipe...could be a combination of all!  

Anyone who leaves a comment on ANY post from now until the end of June will be entered for this mystery giveaway item.  I hope you will enter whether you are an old friend or a first-time visitor.  If you want to mention it on your blog, I would be happy for your readers to pop over and enter too.  Mailing internationally is not a problem, so don't let location stop you from entering.  Just leave a comment with your name and blog address or email so that I can contact you for mailing instructions if you win.

And thanks for reading and sharing my blog journey!


  1. SEVEN years of blogging? I love it! I wish I would have been following you from the beginning, I really like your style. However, I don't anticipate going back seven years to catch up.

    When I win your prize, please be advised that copper makes my skin turn green, so something non-wearable, please? *wink-wink*

  2. 7 YEARS!

    I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years. I just imagine how productive I would be if I had started earlier!

    Congrats on your anniversay!

  3. I am one year behind you on blogging. At first I was really diligent but these days not so much. Reading others is much more fun for me these days. I always enjoy yours.

  4. I started blogging in August 2008 and I somehow found you (or you found me) not long after.
    I love blogging and think of it like having lots of penpals. As a child I had pals in the UK, France, new Zealand, Finland and Japan. I used to wait for those envelopes to arrive then quickly send a letter back.
    Now I wait for daily updates and new posts, its a much speedier process!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  5. Congratulations 7 years wow what a great achievement. Well done.X.

  6. Didn't realize I could sign up to receive your blog posts by email... I've had a rant, currently very unloved since 2005, I started my 'blog' Nov 11 2008.. I had to look I had no clue... Congrats on 7 years... Canadians no longer have the privilege of getting pennies in their change!

  7. I've just popped over from Islandgirl's blog having seen you're having a giveaway... cheeky, I know :-D Congrats on 7 years - wow!! Lovely to find your blog :)
    I had 13 weeks of giveaways to celebrate my 50th birthday earlier in the year - I had SO MUCH fun!!
    Enjoy your blogiversary x

  8. fun a give away I would love anything you make. Congrats on 7 years!

  9. I'm three years in on two gets lots of posts - the other not so much. The pasta salad looked yummy!

  10. I'm three years in on two gets lots of posts - the other not so much. The pasta salad looked yummy!


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