Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This and that...

I'm enjoying being home this week, but I've been finding it hard to get back into blogging.   

I've managed to kick the cough for the most part, but giving myself a pass on unnecessary activity.  

I've been doing some cooking again, which feels good.

Carey thinks Rudy has been growing recently, and that his bed looks too small all of a sudden.  I think it's fine.

Oh...well...then there's times like this.  LOL

I went over to the kids' house this afternoon.  Today's high was 87°, and Chloe was wearing this heavy, dark sweater.  When I asked her why she was wearing that on such a warm day, she explained that she had lost her shirt in gym today and had to find something to wear in the lost and found.  😅  Holy, moly, that girl can lose anything!  Chloe, how do you lose your shirt?  Well, I guess someone picked it up by mistake.  Hmmm, o-kay?

I went back to reading this book again.  I know I said it was tediously overfilled with details, and I stand by that, but I started reading a different book and disliked it even more, so returned to this one.  I'm skimming large portions and reading the parts that interest me, but not at any great pace.

I go back to work on Friday for 3/4 of a day.  Monday and Tuesday will be full workdays at a local branch, which is nice.  Monday is also quilting-at-the-library day which I will sadly have to miss.  :(

And that's about it.


  1. I'm glad your cough is better, nothing worse. I had my flu injection a few weeks back and I've felt like I'm getting a sore throat and cough but it hasn't really eventuated, just a bit sore and just a bit of a cough now and then. Weird! We are sailing through the year, I can't quite believe it's May!

    1. I didn't get a flu shot this past flu season (since they said it wasn't very effective)...lived in fear of coming down with it...used a ton of antibacterial wipes. :) Hope you stay flu free! May! The year going by crazy fast!


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