Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday snail mail...

I spent a day at the craft table this week.  I had letters I wanted to get in the mail, and I wanted to play with stamps and papers.  

This one is for a teenage girl.  

I used washi tape to mask off the stripe on this one so I could sponge it with two colors of ink.  I was happy with how it turned out...until I removed the top strip of tape and ripped the paper.  :)  Enter the 'thank you' banner.  There's almost always a way to save the project.  :)

I made several along these lines, changing up the colors and layers.   

A handful of letters are winging their way around the world.  That makes me happy.  I hope they brighten their recipients' days as well.


  1. Nice work, the colors are so pretty, great design.

  2. So pretty, love snail mail because we get so little of it these days that doesn't say PAY ME!

    1. Oops...I didn't mean for this to get posted till NEXT Saturday, after they were received. Oh well.


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