Thursday, March 22, 2018

Before and after...



It looks very white, and I know the distressing doesn't show up much in the photograph above, but it actually shows up very well looking at it in person.

Sometimes there is a fine line with distressing, and I didn't want to go overboard.  Here are some closeups.  

The handle on the right is the original.  Its original mate broke (as in irreparable metal-fatigue broke) a long time ago, so we had to replace knobs.  I found the bronze flower knob on the left at Hobby Lobby yesterday, and they were half price.  It never happens that the thing I want is actually on sale when I need it, so that was awesome...$2 each.

I tried just the knobs, but that looked a little too bare, and somewhat juvenile, to me.

So I put the original ornamental knob backing back on with the new knobs, and I like it a lot better.

And there you go.  Before and after.  I haven't had Carey seal the chalk paint yet.  It is pretty resistant to scratches as is (we tried scratching, and it resisted, LOL).  And in case the white continues to look too bright to me, I wanted to be able to do some sort of a lightly tinted wash before we put on a coat of polycrylic to seal it.

I have to say that even though people say how easy chalk painting is, it wasn't Carey's favorite foray into experimentation.  That could have just been user error.  

Wait till I tell him that the big brown wall looks too big and brown now and needs to be repainted another color.  ROTFLOL!  Oy vey, that wall requires scaffolding.  He's going to flip.

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