Sunday, January 28, 2018

Saturday snail mail (on Sunday)...

This has been a busy month of letter writing.  Ten letters so far.  You can tell I kept the card design simple and consistent.

Letters of appreciation.    

Letters of sympathy and letters of friendship.  

A couple of birthdays.

A pretty no-occasion card to my mother-in-law.

And I made myself a 2018 calendar tally;  I do this each year to keep track of who has received cards when.  The top sheet in the photo above is last year's, the bottom one is for 2018.  

The gold business card sized object above is a magnetic address book.  It has fan-fold pages attached inside, and with the magnets, I can enclose my folded tally sheet and a small booklet of stamps as well, so everything is always handy in my purse to drop someone a line.  

This small magnetic booklet holds only my most used addresses.  I keep my entire address list in a Word file on my computer so it is easily updated, but I print it out once a year or so and keep the pages on file.  I am always afraid of losing my addresses into the ether. 

Do you still keep a hard copy of an address book, or do you rely solely on digital address keepers?  


  1. That is a very successful month of card sending and I like how you keep track of what you send. I did send 3 cards this month. I admire your pretty cards.

  2. Letter writing is a dying art. I wonder how many young people still write letters. There is something special about seeing an envelope on the door mat. I make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy opening the letter and catching up on someone’s news.

  3. I LOVE the birthday card design! I keep my Christmas card mailing list on the computer - it's on labels so I can just make changes as needed and then print the labels when it's time to mail my cards. I have SO MANY note cards, I really need to get busy and start sending them out. I know I love receiving snail mail and I'm sure others would too.

  4. I not only have one physical hard copy address book I have 3. One is for Christmas cards. I want to switch to electronic but I am afraid. What am I afraid of? Not even really sure. I love how you printed your addresses to take with you. That may be one things I was afraid of...that I would need my computer to access them always. Clearly not true.

    Your cards are so lovely.

  5. Hi Kath, thank you for the lovely sympathy card you sent me. You are very thoughtful to make it in my favourite blue and white colours.


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