Monday, November 6, 2017

Making it Monday...

Today was quilting day at the library.  For the past few months we have been making 12 1/2" blocks to exchange.  Oh, and they were to be stash-buster squares, so made only with fabric we had on hand, nothing purchased.  

Each member made two blocks per month...collected and held by our fearless leader...with there eventually being twelve in total from each person.  The photo above shows them all laid out on a table this morning awaiting the exchange process.  

We drew blocks at random from each person's contributed blocks, so each of us has at least one from every other member.  Then what was left we drew at random so that we all had twelve.

These are the blocks that I received.  I ended up with two of my own; the spool (2nd column, 2nd row) and the butterfly (bottom right corner).  We are to have all squares assembled by our next meeting on December 4th.  How we assemble them is left up to us.  I am pretty sure I will be adding sashing and borders, but I haven't even thought about colors or designs, since I wasn't sure what colors would be dominant in the squares I ended up with.  Now I'm thinking maybe blue and white for sashing and borders.

These are not necessarily in their permanent locations, but I love the way they all look together.  I'll post when it's finished.


  1. What a fun event! I have seen so many beautiful quilts and quilt designs - the fabrics in quilt stores are gorgeous. I have never learned to sew, perhaps it's time I took some lessons.

    1. It is so similar to scrapbooking, just replace the designs of paper for designs of fabric and a new set of tools. :) Both very addictive!

  2. Replies
    1. I am so happy to have a piece of everybody's work. I wish I had something from everyone in my very first quilt group...we were such a small group and some have passed.


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