Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday family dinner...

As we were playing 5 Second Rule after dinner tonight at Kasey's, we had a heavy rain shower.  From the windows we noticed this rainbow, and I stepped out the front door to snap a picture and heard Kasey say, "Oh man!  Why couldn't it be at the end of my driveway?"  LOL  The driveway on the left belongs to their next-door neighbors.  

Except for cropping, this is straight out of the camera.  I have never been able to actually see the end of a rainbow this close and unobscured by trees or hills.  I'm thinkin' there should definitely have been a pot of gold there!


  1. I think I'd be headin' on over there with a big shovel.... :)

    1. Too true, Linda. :) Alas, it was the quickest disappearing rainbow ever and was gone practically as quickly as the shutter clicked on the camera.

  2. Awesome that you were able to capture it on camera!

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