Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not a total waste, but close enough...

Today I:

Made the bed.

Washed and dried a load of towels (haven't folded them yet).

Contemplated what I haven't been reading (library book) or writing (blog posts).

Made a mini menu plan.

Did a mini grocery shop.

Put chicken in the slow cooker for tacos tonight and for tomorrow's casserole and a future casserole or soup too.

Checked the mail and threw it all away (nothing but junk).

Took a nap.

Put away washed/dried clothes.

Emptied the dishwasher and then started loading the next load.

The rest of the time I spent checking email and surfing the web...or in other words, wasting time.


  1. That's a typical day for most of us I would think. I often ask myself this same question.

  2. ...and so are the days of our lives....


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